9000 m = 8848m + 152m - the highest and the deepest extreme

The project's objective is the achievement of 9000m altitude difference between the height of Mt Everest and the depth of 152 meters




Video from sunny Spain to cheer up in gloomy times

We proudly and happily present a video from our dive expedition to Alicante![więcej]


Grande finale of the 9000 meters project - behind the Spanish scenes

Paella, mariscos, rough seas, mysterious wrecks, beautiful karst caves, dive to 152m ? these are all my notions of Spain from now on :-)[więcej]


Success of 9000 metres Project and plans for the future

We have just returned to Warsaw from sunny La Manga, our diving equipment is still travelling to Poland, but we want to share our first impressions already now. So, to summarise: I would like to confirm that the task was...[więcej]


Wrecks for ever!

It?s only one more month before our dive expedition to Alicante, within the framework of the dive part of 9000 meters project, so we have doubled our efforts to have everything ready on time; currently we occupy ourselves with...[więcej]


Our dive expedition to Alicante in media - Ole!

The dates of our expedition to Alicante have been confirmed: 23rd September - 7th October - and it's not much time left![więcej]


Probably 2 new ice dive records as a warm-up

Within the framework of preparations for 9000 meters project, on March 5 2011 we dived to the bottom of Hańcza Lake in Poland one more time - that time under ice![więcej]


Where did we get this idea from ???

The idea of 9000 meters project was born during a dive expedition to Dahab, Egypt (11 ? 18 January 2011).[więcej]


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